Q & A with LMM

When you are an entusiastic advocate of ANRs such as I am, you receive A LOT of questions, so here you'll find the most common inquiries and my answers to them. If you have a specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

1. What is ANR?

An ANR is an Adult Nursing Relationship--and if that sounds like an adult nursing from either a lactating or non-lactating partner to you, then you are correct. That is exactly what it is. There are various manners in which an adult may proceed with an ANR (which is much different than Adult Breastfeeding/ABF), but I, petsonally, advocate the loving, dedicated, and committed ANR within the bonds of marriage, choosing to focus on the R (Relationship) aspect of the lifestyle. I feel that a loving nursing relationship between two people who share such an intimate experience as suckling will only bring them closervtogether. You will discover a bond that you never knew existed. (I will be posting an in-depth article on ANR very soon)

2. Do you share photos?

NO, I do not. A true ANR is not about exchanging nude photos or exposing my breasts to anyone other than my husband. There are plenty of ways to obtain nude and/or breastfeeding photos--this is not one of them.

3. Do you have kids? Did you breastfeed them?

I do have children, three of them, and they (and their father) were exclusively nursed until each child was 2 years old.

4. How do I make my wife do this?

You don't. Adult nursing (and the need or desire to suckle) is a very personal thing. Some people love to suckle and be suckled, others do not. It seems that the need to nurse is lost within some individuals while others never let go of that instinctive desire to suckle either for comfort or sustenance. ANRs are NEVER meant to form a wedge between a couple; they are meant to bring two people closer together. The best you can do is present your position to your partner, read up on the subject together, and decide whether an ANR will work for BOTH of you or not.

5. How did you get into ANR?

I don't really view my personal journey as "getting into" something. For my husband and me, this is a lifestyle, as common and necessary to our marriage as breathing is to sustain life. But our journey began right after the birth of our first child when S expressed a desire to bond with me as deeply as our son had.

6. Do you wear a nursing bra?

Although some women choose to wear a nursing bra during ABF and/or role play/fantasy sessions, I do not. Even as a breastfeeding mother, I didn't wear nursing bras. I could never seem to find one that fit comfortably and properly, or offered the right amount of support.

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