About LMM

I am a blissfully married wife and mother of three beautiful children who enjoys the beauty of life and my role as the nurturing caregiver in the home that my husband, Mr. S, and I have created together.

Because of our spiritual and religious beliefs in regard to marriage, S and I continuously seek ways to bring us closer together as a couple, and our desire for bonding and intimacy led us into the journey of sharing a committed and dedicated Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR).

As an adult nursing enthusiast and member of the ANR community, I hope to educate other loving couples on the benefits of embarking on such an emotional journey by sharing my personal experience while offering advice and support to those who seek it. I also believe in educating others on the positive aspects and normalcy of ANR, which is often shrouded in negative stereotypes and unfair stigmas.

Although everyone is welcome here, please understand that I am NOT interested in meeting people who hope to experience nursing with a physical session outside of their own relationships. I an completely and utterly in love with my husband; my breasts and the milk that flows from them are intended to nurture and nourish only him. We are involved in a DEDICATED and COMMITTED relationship, as we feel this is intended.

Questions are always welcome and encouraged, as curiosity is a human instinct, as natural as nursing for comfort and nourishment is, so please feel free to ask me anything pertaining to ANR. (And just so you know ahead of time, to prevent any disappointment: no, I will NOT show you pictures of my breasts, and, no, I will NOT nurse you because your partner is unwilling to)

Enjoy this site! But more importantly, enjoy your loving partner and the beautiful journey that you share!

My official Author Bio:

Known to readers around the world as The Loving Milk Maid (or simply LMM), freelance writer and blogger Jennifer Elisabeth Maiden gained recognition with the launch of her original blog, Bountiful Fruits: A Loving ANR Journey, and now runs the successful website Bountiful Fruits, which explores the fascinating world of the adult nursing relationship and provides visitors with information on lactation, breastfeeding, relationships, intimacy, sensuality, and marriage. The Loving Milk Maid is an ANR/ABR advocate and educator who believes in promoting positive body image, recognition of the beautiful female anatomy, and happily-ever-afters. She and her husband, Mr. S, reside in Ohio, where she is currently working on her second book, LMM's Charm School: How to Meet Others in the Adult Nursing Community and Form a Healthy Nursing Relationship.

You can learn more about the beautiful world of the adult nursing relationship and The Loving Milk Maid by visiting BOUNTIFUL FRUITS.


  1. Thank you for your beautiful blog and for allowing us all a small glimpse into the truly special relationship you and your husband have forged. I cannot express in words how much my heart swells when I read about the ANR bond between the two of you. My heart's desire is to one day find a man that I can have the same type of bond with. Your posts warm my heart and give me hope that a loving ANR is in my future. Please keep sharing your beautiful story with us!

    1. Thank YOU for your beautiful words. They mean so much to me! My wish for you is that you someday find all that your heart desires.

      Be happy and take care!

  2. Finding your blog has been amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your writing is beautiful.

  3. Thank you so much for all your writing on the subject. My husband and I are just embarking on our journey, and looking to re-lactate. Your blog has reminded me that it won't matter if we don't achieve this. Already, I'm feeling more of a closeness between us anyway, and that's the main goal. Thanks.

    1. Oh, thank you so much. I wish you and your husband all the best on your beautiful journey.

      Warm wishes to you!