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In the very basic definition, an ANR is an Adult Nursing Relationship in which an adult suckles from either a lactating or non-lactating woman. If the woman is not producing milk as her partner suckles, this is referred to as "dry nursing", and is often done for the purpose of closeness and comfort. A lactating woman may often "wet nurse" her partner, and this may be done to provide comfort and closeness to her partner while fulfilling her own need to nurture and nourish.

My husband S and I have experienced the beauty of a long-term ANR within the bonds of our marriage, focusing our attention on the "R" factor; our adult nursing journey has been about strengthening our marriage and bringing us closer together as a couple. Until a woman has ever taken a man to her breast, or until he has suckled from that breast, neither will ever understand the firm and unbreakable bond they will always share. The true ANR is based on emotional needs rather than sexual desires, and this is why I advocate ANRs within the bounds of a loving, honest, selfless, DEDICATED and COMMITTED relationship.

An ANR between two devoted people who love one another is much diffetent than Adult Breastfeeding (ABF) or sexual breast play. In an ANR, the breasts are suckled, as if to sustain nourishment, and treated as petfect, sensual, and giving fountains rather than sexual objects used for visual stimulation and arousal. Emotions often run extremely high within an ANR, and they are fragile, therefore, it is very important to share this with the "right" person. After only one nursing, you will feel a connection to your partner, and this can be very difficult to release if the other person simply wants to keep things casual. I do not believe the casual ANR exists; it is a complex joyrney based on unabiding love, mutual respect, and the deepest of intimacy.

The true ANR is a partnership, something that only the two of you share, a relationship that you will work side by side to build and nurture and share. To know that MY breasts are the breasts that my husband desires is so wonderfully empowering, and S takes great pleasure in knowing that my breasts     belong only to him. Suckling is just an incidental--although a beautiful one--in a loving ANR. You will find that you've come to need--and rely upon--your partner even more. As the relationship flourishes and strengthens, you will require a great deal of support (particularly if the woman has chosen to induce lactation), and who better to provide you with that than your life partner? S has shown such dedication and tenderness throughout our persobal journey...I could not be more grateful to him or thankful for him. Our love, which was always strong, has multiplied and deepened, and what I see in his eyes--awe, adoration, respect--is overwhelming. There is great emotionalresponsibility in a loving ANR, but it is a wonderful one to bear. To love and be loved, to willingly offer what the othet longs for, to give so freely what the other desires to take is amazing...and freeing.

 As difficult as this may be for some to accept, the reality of an ANR is that it must be desired by both partners. You cannot "make" your partner feel or "convince" your partner that an ANR is right for them simply because you desire one. And because the need for nursing is not always a mutual one, this is why the relationship must be extremely strong BEFORE the subject is broached. An ANR is never meant to form a wedge between a couple; it is meant to bring two people even closer together. The best you can do is talk to your partner, communicate openly and freely without embarrassment or shame; explain why you feel the desire for a loving ANR, and then listen to your spouses responses, show courtesy and respect, and do your best to undetstand their point of view. Read up on the subject together. Above all, reassure your partner that no matter what, you will respect their wishes, remain faithful, and continue to love them unconditionally. Coercion, threats, manipulation, subtle suggestions of "what you might have to do if..." DO NOT WORK. ANRs are based on love, trust, and RESPECT. Some couples will meet a middle ground when it comes to their ANR, and are able to find a routine that works petfectly for them; there is no right or wrong way to proceed with an ANR. There are, however, options to explore and an abundance of love to share. I have the utmost respect for the woman who attempts to nurse her husband because of his need to suckle...she is amazing! Loving, generous, gracious, and giving! And how wonderful is the man who will thank her for that incredible gift?

From a woman's standpoint, I will reassure you that there is nothing wrong with suckling or the desire to be suckled. It is in our nature to nurture, and petfectly natural and normal to nourish from our breasts. A loving ANR has nothing to do with sexual fetishism, nor is it about a mother/child relationship or infantilism. Your breasts are a beautiful gift, and if they are revered by your husband and longed for as a source of comfort, you are a very lucky lady indeed! To be cherished and adored so completely is awe-inspiring. A loving Adult Nursing Relationship is about giving yourself wholly to your husband, and reveling in the joy it brings him. When I bring S to my breast, it is the most loving of moments, something that only I can provide for him, and that knowledge makes me feel so special, so unique, and treasured.

You do not have to lactate to enjoy a loving ANR. The relationship is about INTIMACY. Although some couples choose to induce lactation, milk supply DOES NOT have to be the focus of your ANR. I have both dry and wet nursed my love and both experiences were equally amazing. Believe me, if you focus on the "R" in your personal ANR, you will do just fine.

If you have any questions regarding the loving ANR experience, please contact me. I hope to educate and encourage couples on the beautiful benefits this journey can bring to their relationship.

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